Potty Fairies

I remember watching the Pull Ups commercial where the little girl is sometimes a “potty super hero, and sometimes she’s a potty princess” and I thought, “yeah that’s not gonna happen!” I am not going to make potty training this magical fun fest that never goes away. You have to pee, you put it in the potty end of discussion.

Well, fast forward to age four and a half and my little lovies are still fearful of using the big potty for more than the business of #1. We still have issues with #2 (To my child’s future therapist, I am not sharing this to humiliate my child as she will claim, but it is to help OTHER MOMS know they are not the only ones who do these crazy things in the name of helping their child “grow”).

Ya’ll… I willingly sprinkled glitter (a.k.a. magical fairy dust) all over my house to convince my children they had been visited by the potty fairy. What is the purpose of this potty fairy? Well, each child gets their own personal fairy who will go with them to the potty and keep them safe. I assured my innocent little cherubs that these fairies will give them the confidence they need to be successful little poopers. These magic fairies report back to Fairy Godmother who will grant them prizes based on their success. I said I’d never make the potty a magical place. And, now I hang my head in shame and share with the world the biggest, fattest lie I have ever told my children. And why? Because I am just trying to make it through ONE day without having to clean up you know. . . p-o-o-p.

We are on day two of the magic and so far one kid has lost her stupid little fairy, and the other is insisting her fairy will be making the poops for her, so she never has to sit on the potty again. *Sigh* I tried moms. I tried.

The most useful parenting advice I ever received: “all those things you said  you’ll never do- you will do them ALL!” So, fess up moms! What have you done that you said you would NEVER DO?


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  1. I really can’t think of anything I said I would never do. I guess my attitude was always do what you have to do to survive and never say never.

  2. I’ve been walking around thinking about your post and it came to me! I never thought I would say, “if you don’t eat your dinner, NO DESSERT!”

  3. good question. i cant think of anything off the top of my head. i know i find myself saying things my mom always said. but good luck potty training. my girl was good to go by 2. i kept it simple, treats and stickers and pad time oooooonly if she sat on the potty. 🙂

    • We are a low tech family so no iphones or ipads. The girls are happy with books on the potty and pretty much where ever we go. They are just very strong willed kids who want to be the decision makers. I can’t wait until they become teenagers [sense the sarcasm?]. LOL

  4. I’m currently in that “I’ll never” phase of my life, but give me 5 years and I’m sure I’ll be sprinkling magic fairy poop dust all over my house too. Such a cute idea!

  5. I love that you sprinkled glitter everywhere! I celebrated my daughter’s half birthday today to make a sad week better. Never thought I would make cupcakes for a half birthday!

    • Oh we celebrated this year’s half birthday! My girls thought they were getting half a birthday cake… lol They got store bought chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and a round of Happy Birthday each. LOL

    • It really happens in their own time. When they feel they are in control of it. It’s just not easy affording all those diapers in the meantime! Hang in there! It will happen!

    • Thanks! The girls are pee-pee trained…. can go all on their own, but that pesky #2 thing is still a mystery to them. (And TONS of laundry for me!). lol Hang in there…it seems eternal b/c WE want to be done with it! LOL But, one day it all clicks and you realize you haven’t had to wipe up pee in weeks and you feel proud of your kids!

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