Ever meet a mom and think, “Man, I wanna be her friend!” That happened to me at the park today.

I was just sitting there minding my own business, watching my kids run all over the play area when this other woman walked toward us with two girls close to my kids ages. I really did not want to make small talk. I just wanted to sit alone … in silence. Our kids were so ecstatic when they met each other I thought they were long lost friends.

“Hello, how are you?

“Good, how about you?”

From there she sat down on my bench and I don’t remember much about our conversation other than we laughed and we had the same vibe going. We watched our kids from afar as they helped themselves up and down the stairs, come down the slide together and even walked over to use the bathroom by themselves. This mom didn’t even flinch when all of the kids kicked off their shoes to run through the park in their socks! Neither of us jumped up to scold or demand the kids keep their shoes on. We just rolled with it and continued our conversation.

Every time one of her kids asked her a question she replied with the same tone and remarks I encourage my kids with, “You can do it. YES you CAN!” “No, I just sat down.” “OK, so just go to the bathroom.” It was like hearing myself, but with a voice outside of my own head. I felt like, “so I’m NOT the only one that says these things!!?” We both sat back and let the kids just play and make up stories while we chatted. It was so nice to not feel pressured to impress this mom with how attentive I can be, or for either of us to defend our decisions on organic food, co sleeping, or vaccines. We were just two tired moms sitting at the park watching our kids. We didn’t need to be anything more.

We shared stories about how life used to be when kids could just open the door and run free. A time when kids ate dirt and peed in the yard. It was incredible to share this space with a mom who was just so Whatever. She didn’t judge me and I didn’t judge her. We didn’t even judge other moms. We just shared the same philosophy of keeping life simple and doing what we need to, to get through the day. She is a grandma well into her 60’s and I am a mother about to turn 40. And, we just clicked.

“Man, these kids exhaust me. As soon as I hit the pillow I’m out like a light.”

“Me too.”

“It’s great that they have each other though.”

“It really is.”

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9 Comments on Moms, We Have Each Other

  1. i moved a few years ago and havent met a mom that i really click with. it’s so hard. i hear convos between where they are just competing with each other. it’s like, why do ya’ll do that!!!? why can’t we just be there to listen and not one up each other?

    • That’s exactly why I started the Whatever mom blog!! I want to share my philosophy of acceptance and let other moms know it is OK to make choices that fit your family, not everyone else’s expectations!

  2. I love those moments where it clicks. I’m also lean more toward free range parenting (it drives my husband bonkers), it’s hard not to feel judged when you take the step back approach.

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