Hi! I’m Carolina and kitchen printables have saved my sanity. I spent years believing that structure was for control freaks. Then I came to the life-altering realization that I desperately need order. Yes, after having kids. And yes, the kitchen was the place in most need of a change. That’s when printables started to appear on my fridge.

I used to believe that if I couldn’t keep my kitchen exactly the way I wanted it then it was a lost cause. It felt pointless to clean a mess only to have another one moments later. Dishes were dirty and the cupboards were cluttered. Food was going bad with no meal plan for the future. Having kids meant having even less time for chores. And let’s face it, some of us don’t adjust to motherhood in a timely fashion.

Thankfully, I found printables! Turns out there are whole Pinterest boards dedicated to organizing your life via pre-made lists, and worksheets that you can print at home.  While I wasn’t looking to go quite so crazy, I was willing to start with a simple grocery list to slap on the fridge. Guess what? It helped more than I could have imagined!

Once I got used to working with a grocery list printable I decided to expand my horizons. Before I knew it I was printing off cleaning checklists, cooking tips, weekly schedules and anything else that could up my game. Some I found more useful than others as there’s a huge selection online to choose from. The best allowed me to save time, manage my chores, and they even look pretty on display.


Fast forward a few years and I’ve created my own set of printables to help busy moms like us. These get me through all the weekly chaos between a husband, two kids, appointments, sports, etc. The meal planner gives me a leg up on the week and basically determines my grocery list. The grocery list is divided into sections, so I can shave off a few minutes of misery not having to scan the entire list over and over while running down the aisles after a toddler.

When the holidays roll around, a self proclaimed scatterbrain such as myself needs a way to organize my thoughts amidst all the holiday madness. When I came up with my dinner party plan worksheet that’s exactly what I had in mind. How can I very simply (and on one sheet of paper) jot down the gist of what’s happening and what I need to do to prepare. With an overwhelming schedule, who can expect any parent to just “whip up” a holiday party? Now I can at least see the big picture. How many seats? Does anyone have a food allergy? Did I clean the bathroom that my 7 year old son destroyed? Never underestimate the power of a worksheet!

I’m no Martha Stewart, nor do I want to be. But I also don’t want to live life constantly at the mercy of my limitations as a parent. If I spend a few minutes per week scribbling off a few ideas on these printables it saves my sanity down the line. You know, like the grocery store line that you’ve waited in for 20 minutes only to recall a dozen items you forgot to pick up when you’re FINALLY next at the register. Ugh.


Give yourself a boost and try out the grocery list or meal planner I’ve put together (everyone needs groceries!). See if it helps you gain a sense of empowerment in the kitchen. It sure did for me when I needed it the most. And besides, I’m always looking for help in the kitchen whether it’s an extra pair of hands or a to-do list I can print at the push of a button.


* This season on my food & kitchen blog, A Butterful Mind, I’m connecting with busy mamas who are hosting for the holidays. Some love it, some hate it, some just need help! I’ve got a time saving solution that’ll further save you your sanity. Stay up to date with the progress of this e-book via Facebook and Instagram!

carolina-circleCarolina Weick is the creator of A Butterful Mind, a food blog with step by step recipes and kitchen tips. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and two kids and is all about the local food scene in Charleston. She’s a goofball who loves Jesus and hates chocolate.

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29 Comments on How Printables Saved My Sanity – Guest Post

  1. printables are the best and some people really give them a bad rap for being unnecessary! The calendar and diary that I use for my blog and organisation was a printable from another blogger along with some schedules and gift labels. I started making my own printables for easy things like cooking conversions and now loads of my friends love them too, with you 100%

  2. Printables are like the upgrade of my lists. I am all about making lists. But – a chic and cute printable just makes it more motivating to finish off all tasks!

  3. I love printable, they save me time and help me stay organized! The fact that I can find cute things to make my list or goals is a big plus!

  4. I love all these ideas! And like you I believed that structure was also for people who were obsessed with control and order. However, the more stressful I became with everything on my plate I found that schedules and printables have saved me! I love your printables, thanks for sharing them!

    • I often create a meal plan for the month ahead and then I only have to make a shopping list once a week. It is a struggle for me to come up with meals every week. But, if I do all the work up front, it makes less work for me later.

  5. I’ve always been a huge list maker. Printables has taken my obsession into overdrive! I have even found amazing printables for homeschool and blogging. They all help so much!

  6. I’m not a printable fan, but I do use lists and apps. I’m more into tech than actually using paper. You know what, I take that back. I use paper for my journals. So I am a paper fan for that. I look forward to seeing your ebook take shape. That sounds like a lot of fun.

  7. I can never live/leave without my planner. It has everything that I need to do, the schedule, the lists, and more. These printables are just like the pages of my planner! I really find them helpful!

  8. I have a ton of printables pinned on my Pinterest boards to go back and start using but I’ve never gotten around to it. This is perfect inspiration!

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