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I know Halloween isn’t even here yet and I’m about to talk to you about Christmas cards. That’s only because I am a little ahead of the game this year. Which is completely unusual believe me! We had our family photos taken about two weeks ago. Our amazing photographer is going to give us all our images on a CD so we can do whatever we want with them- like making Christmas cards!

Gone are the days I try to get our perfect cards in the mail to arrive in a timely fashion. But if I start early enough I might just get our cards to arrive some time before the New Year (or shortly after). Today I am going to share with you my tips for getting through the chore of sending Christmas cards.

The Whatever Mom tips for creating easy breezy Christmas cards:


Start with a design. There is no rule that you have to use professional photos. Getting everyone to match and stand still can be an extra chore. Instead, make a collage style card using favorite family photos taken throughout the year. Or, just select one favorite family photo from a really fun vacation. The best cards don’t show off a perfect family, but a family having fun!

Look for a discount. Watch your favorite photo sites for discounts on Holiday cards. Minted is currently offering 15% off and free shipping through 10/30. When you get a good deal you can afford to include relatives you excluded to keep costs low.

No signature required. Instead of hand writing a signature for each card, simply have family names printed on the cards. Then you can pop the cards directly into the envelopes and spend zero time writing on individual cards.

Limit your mailing list. You don’t need to send a card to every one you’ve ever known in your lifetime. Keep it simple and send only to those friends and family you keep in touch with the most. Trust me your kids bus driver does not want a personalized family photo card to carry around.

Skip the hand cramp. Minted allows you to save time and energy by uploading your mailing addresses to have printed on your matching envelopes for free! When your cards arrive you literally have to stuff the envelope and add a stamp.

Don’t forget the postage. You can order stamps with your card order. How is that for convenience? Or order online to have them delivered from your post office to your mailbox!

Boom! Finished! Well, that is if you don’t forget the cards on the counter for 3 weeks before remembering you were supposed to send them out.  Whatever, it’s the thought that counts right? Don’t forget to order now and save 15%!

Do you still send out Holiday cards?

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