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Friday Favorites-IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield – FLASH Giveaway

IntelliDent Tooth Brush Covers

January is the perfect time to re-organize things around the home. I like to start my “spring cleaning” now so that once Spring arrives I can be outside. One of the first rooms I tackle is our main bathroom. Scrubbing and cleaning the tile is essential, but I also like to clean out our storage closet and medicine cabinet. I toss out old or expired medicines and update my beauty supplies. One thing in my bathroom that I am not crazy about is the plastic covers I use on each of our tooth brushes.

I try to replace the covers each time I change out our tooth brushes (every 2-3 months), but once those caps are used I can’t just toss them into the recycling bin. So they end up in our landfill. I also worry about germs and viruses gathering on our toothbrushes. Keeping them covered and in the medicine cabinet creates a nice dark, damp place for little bugs to breed. If you’re like me, you don’t have time for stomach bugs and viruses!

IntelliDent 10 pack Toothbrush Shields

So, when Lisa Smith, Executive Vice President of IntelliDent Products contacted me for a review I was excited to try these out! Lucky for you Dear Readers, she was generous and sent extras to GIVEAWAY!

Here is what I love about the IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields:

These covers are breathable, dry quickly and perform like a surgical mask for your tooth brush! The plastic covers keep the toothbrushes damp and collect tooth paste teaming with bacteria. Yuck!

Plastic tooth brush covers

Each cover blocks against 99.9% of airborne and surface bacteria. (Did you know your toilet can contaminate your bathroom surfaces within a six foot radius in you bathroom?).

The antimicrobial preventive protection of these covers lasts up to 7 days, then you can toss into the trash. It takes up less room in the can and degrades much faster than plastic.

Tooth brush covers compared

Covers are individually sealed to ensure a fresh product every time.

IntelliDent Covers Are Fresh

The covers are so easy to slide over a tooth brush my five year olds don’t need any help. (However, they are disappointed they can not select their favorite colors and decided to add a sticker to their covers). My family started using these covers over a month ago. Now that I know the benefits and can see the difference, I won’t be using those plastic covers any more!

IntelliDent products are made in the USA by a women owned company. They also make a Mouth Guard Shield. The covers are not available in stores, but are available online at,, .

Orrrrr, you can just enter here for your very own 10 pack to try! TWO lucky readers will win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget there is always a chance for bonus entries!


The Whatever Mom was provided with free samples of IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this post belong solely to The Whatever Mom. 


The Whatever Mom is a full-time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.

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Friday Favorites Face Beauty Studio

I am excited to return with my Friday Favorites! This week I have a big review AND a big giveaway for my local readers. If it weren’t for the support from my local “Momrads” (thank you Molly!), I wouldn’t be blogging today! I can’t wait for one of them to win this awesome prize! Contest details are at the end of this post so stick with me!

INGLOT Cosmetics  are hitting fashion runways, the Broadway stage and Hollywood with their toxin free makeup! All of their cosmetics are free from parabens and additives that take away from your skins nourishment. INGLOT is also causing a stir with its revolutionary O2M Breathable Nail Enamel! This formula allows oxygen and water vapor through the pores of your nails. It was created specifically to keep your nails healthy making it not only fashionable, but good-looking!

INGLOT has nearly 400 nail colors!

I admit my curiosity was piqued when I saw the Freedom System! You can see in the video above how easy it is to customize your palette. It is stack-able and travels with you! The color units come in magnetic square trays that insert into a palette. Simply pop out one square to replace with another and toss the empty metal into the recycling bin! Eye colors start at $7.00 each which is very affordable for a quality, non-toxic product.

INGLOT shadow colors
INGLOT offers 600 ways to enhance your eyes!

When Cathy, the local owner of Face Beauty Studio in Kingston, contacted me about a review and giveaway I nearly jumped out of my seat! I got to test drive her Eye Express service where she treated me to a custom color look and a sampling of Mario Badescu botanical skin care. With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry and working alongside makeup artists for print ads, runway shows and fashion Cathy found her passion is making people look and feel good about themselves. I have to admit, it’s nice to see my old self back again. You know…before life with kids and the toll of sleepless nights!

Cathy used some new colors I had never tried before.
Cathy used some new colors I had never tried before.

This is what I look like walking into Face Beauty Studio:

Untouched photo. Those baggy eyes are legit!
Untouched photo. Those baggy eyes are legit!


This is what I look like leaving Face Beauty Studio:

My INGLOT Colors
Me leaving Face Beauty with my INGLOT colors.

I asked for tips for tired, busy moms like me: Cathy stresses taking care of your skin (or canvas as she calls it) will best amplify your color and look! She can customize skin care products right in her store! The Milk and Tonic wipes are great even when I’m not removing make up. This will quickly clean off any debris and environmental residue I encounter through the day and it is safe enough to use on a child’s messy hands! Next, she recommends I use eyeliner on the wet line of my top eye lid to dramatically lift the look of the eye.  If there is time add mascara. If not, go for the lips! A lipstick, a lip gloss or a lip balm will help keep lips hydrated and plump and help battle the aging process.

A fun way to try before you buy in store.
A fun way to try before you buy in store.

This is the first time I met Cathy, but I feel like I have known her a long time! She is wonderfully easy to talk with and doesn’t stop working while she’s applying her artistry! The Eye Express Service is only $25.00 and perfect for a night out! Can’t get out? Cathy and her crew can come to you for a fun night in with friends!! They will make sure you all look fresh and fabulous!

So….. Are you ready for the giveaway local friends?

How about a ONE HOUR private makeup lesson?!

You get step by step, hands on tutorial with Cathy to learn how to create a flawless look matching your lifestyle! You will get the tips and tricks of the professionals and leave the studio knowing the best colors for your skin tone, how to enhance your face shape AND the confidence to be your beautiful self! This is an $85 value and one lucky winner will win it for FREE! Just click on the Raffle Copter link below for YOUR CHANCES TO WIN! Share, share, share and comment below! YOU HAVE 24 HOURS! Winner announced on The Whatever Mom Facebook page!
The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.

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Black Friday Favorites- Barefoot Books! **Exclusive Discount**

Barefoot Books Black Friday Savings

If you have never had the pleasure of reading a book from Barefoot books, allow me to introduce you! My friend Gloria first shared these books with me when our kids were just babies. I was immediately drawn to the rich illustrations and the wonderful positive messages of each story.

Barefoot books began in the early 1990’s as a way to honor children’s stories from all over the world. The diversity offered through Barefoot books is a great introduction to other cultures, different abilities and empowered child characters. There are books for children of all ages and stages. Your kids will immediately love the colors, the beautiful illustrations and become captivated by the stories!

Here are some of our favorites:

The Girl With A Brave Heart – a story about Shiraz, a kindhearted young girl growing up in Tehran. She is miserable living with her stepmother and stepsister because they treat her like a servant. A powerful story about patience, perseverance and empathy.

Photo credit:
Image credit:


Lin Yi’s Lantern– a heartwarming story shows the rewards of putting others first, and includes educational notes at the end about the Chinese moon festival.

Photo found on
Image credit:


Grandpa’s Garden – kids are drawn in by the poetic language and warm illustrations. It creates the excitement of watching things grow!

Image credit:
Image credit:


I Took the Moon for a Walk – follow a young boy and the moon as they overcome the fear of the dark and discover the world at night. The end of the book includes notes about the moon and plants and animals that thrive in the wee hours of the night.

I Took the Moon for a Walk
Image credit:


Barefoot Books are my favorite books to buy for my kids! I try to include a handful of new ones each year in our book a night Christmas countdown! The books are durable and illustrated with unique artwork. To purchase Barefoot Books you typically host a party (at home or online) where you earn free books and a discount. But, just for being my reader you don’t need to host anything!

My very generous friend Heather is offering a 30% discount on any book orders placed on Black Friday THROUGH Cyber Monday (by 8 p.m.)!!! For every order over $50 Heather will donate one book to a sick child through my charity Operation Christmas Cheer! You can tick off Christmas gifts AND do something good in less than 10 minutes!! No standing in line at 5:00 a.m.! How convenient is that?!?

To receive your 30% discount you must SHOP Heather’s Barefoot Ambassador website and then email your order to[email protected]. Write “Whatever30” in the subject line to get your EXCLUSIVE discount!

Go ahead do-gooder, shop and save away! Put a smile on your kids faces and bring some cheer to kids in and out of the hospital during Christmas!

(Tip: The website allows you to take a peek inside of each book! Just click the “Step Inside” circle on the corner of the book cover!).


The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.

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**FLASH GIVEAWAY** Get Your Home Holiday Ready Faster With Norwex!


I had never heard of Norwex when my friend Rebecca invited me to a Facebook online party. I thought I’ll just look around and order something small so I can help her out. I honestly never, ever thought this stuff was going to work. I scoured the Internet for any red flags and negative posts about the company and the products. All I found were some very happy customers!

Norwex Kitchen Cloth

The first products I fell in love with were the spirinets and the kitchen cloth. Brace yourselves, because what I am about to show you is truly horrifying! The inside of my microwave. (You may want to remove the kids from the room).

Please don't look at my messy microwave

Normally, I’d spend 20 minutes scrubbing one small area at a time with soap and water. With this microfiber Kithcen cloth I finished cleaning the entire microwave in less than five minutes using just water! What impressed me most is this cloth cleaned up more stuck on food in one swipe than my regular kitchen sponge.

Norwex Cleans Microwaves


Three parties later and I am hooked on these products! Now I’m in love with the Enviro Cloth! Lucky for you because you might be the winner of this weeks FLASH GIVEAWAY!! ONE reader will win TWO FREE Enviro Cloths!

Norwex Enviro Cloth

The Enviro Cloth cleans just about everything in your house using ONLY WATER! No need for chemical cleaners! You can dust with it, clean counters and table tops, or heavier stuff like spills on carpets and couches. One Enviro Cloth reduces chemical and water use by 90%!! It lasts for 500 washes or 10 years! The BacLock (TM) technology has silver antibacterial fiber melted into each cloth.  The silver inhibits bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth within the cloth AND it removes 99% of bacteria with just water! Check out Rebecca’s blog for details on how BacLock technology works, and check out videos of Rebecca using the cloths in her own home!

I am so excited to use my Norwex cloths to clean before the holidays!!  The micro fibers pick up so much more dust and debris than other cloths, so it’s a quicker more efficient way to clean! Just one cloth can clean my entire bathroom, or kitchen without any chemicals! No need to carry a bunch of cleaners from room to room. I simply rinse with water between uses and hang it up to dry. Once it is completely dry the silver is again ready to kill bacteria!!

Curious to know how YOU can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the holidays? My friend Rebecca is working on something special exclusively for The Whatever Mom readers! Click here to join her Norwex Customer Club on Facebook and send her a message that The Whatever Mom sent you! Then, Join us for a LIVE Facebook chat on Friday November 20th at 9:00 p.m.! Rebecca will send you the link to our private event when you join her Norwex Customer Club. I do not like a hard sell! So, I love that Rebecca truly enjoys sharing her honest experiences with Norwex. She is not pushy with sales, and is happy to answer any and all questions you have!


ONE lucky winner will get TWO Enviro Cloths for FREE!! Plus a FREE sample of the UPP detergent!! You have 17 Hours to enter before the winner is announced on The Whatever Mom Facebook page! 

The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.

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Friday Favorites – Poofy Organics GIVEAWAY!

The Whatever Mom Giveaway
Poofy Organics does not offer samples of products for personal consumption, or review. They are a small family run company and unable to fulfill sample requests. No financial compensation was received for this review. All honest opinions belong solely to The Whatever Mom.

Does facing hundreds of little ghouls and goblins, princesses and pirates make you break out into a cold sweat? No worries! I’ve got you covered with this weeks Friday Favorites and a special give away!

First, let me share with you a little bit about why I love Poofy Organics. This is a very small, family run company that is dedicated to producing small batches of product made by  hand. This means significant quality control measures and higher standards for production methods. You can visit their website to meet the team and for an inside look at their production. They are also one of a few USDA Organic Certified personal care companies (but, not every single ingredient has an organic counterpart so organic ingredients are listed individually).

I ordered a few hair care products for my girls. They have thick hair that tangles easily. So, I purchased the Raspberry Lemonade Punch Shampoo and Leave in Conditioner from the Young Wild and Free kids line.

Young Wild Free Poofy Organics

Now that my kids are in school I worry about lice so I also purchased the Organic Lice Prevention Spray (also comes in a shampoo).

Young Wild And Free Poofy Organics

All the products are toxin free and use mostly essential oils. I love that the website lists every ingredient in each product so you know what you are getting before you buy. Each product I purchased is labeled as vegan, eco friendly, cruelty free and made by hand. (Except for the lice prevention spray- it is so new they haven’t even designed a label for it yet). The only thing about the shampoo that I don’t like is that it is not tear free. So, we have to be very careful while shampooing. Otherwise, these products smell great and my kids get excited to use them. And, I like that I can pronounce every ingredient.

Now my next product of choice is the Max Deo. It’s a natural deodorant. I have been reluctant to make the switch to natural deodorants because well, in the past they’ve never worked for me. My friend Rachel and Poofy Organics Guide gave me a deodorant to try. The results are it works! I started using the Peppy Mint a few weeks ago and so far it has worked just as hard as my traditional deodorant. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a white, flaky residue.

Max Deo Poofy Organics

I love it so much I’m giving away one Peppy Mint Organic Max Deo for you to try!! Just follow the Rafflecopter link below to enter for your chance to win! One lucky reader will be chosen at close of the contest on Sunday at 12:00 Midnight EST. Winner announced on my Facebook page on Monday morning!! (If you aren’t following already head over there now!).

OK, so you won’t receive this in time to get you through the Halloween rush, but it will arrive in time to get you through Thanksgiving with the in-laws!


The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here, Find her two party Body Beautiful project here and here. 

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4 Easy Gift Giving Traditions AND A Giveaway!

My computer is FINALLY virus free and back home on top of my desk!! I’m so excited I feel like giving something away! But what? Hmmm… my stapler is pretty cool and useful. Nah.  It is Christmas so I’ve got to be a little generous. How about a $25.00 gift certificate to Toys R Us? YES!!!

So, I am going to need you to share my blog with your friends! Not my Facebook page (although that is pretty fabby too) my actual blog! Once I reach 500 blog followers I will pick a winner!! To enter you HAVE to comment below THIS post with the number of friends you’ve shared my blog with.

Let the sharing begin! I’m sure you have some Christmas shopping to finish up and wouldn’t a gift card to TRU help with that? The sooner we get to 500 followers the sooner you can win that card!

Speaking of gifts, here are 4 of our favorite gift giving traditions:

Book-A-Night Advent Count Down

Book a night Advent count down.
Book a night Advent count down.

My kids really love this one! It’s basically a whole month of presents before the actual presents arrive. Each night before bed they get to open one book. We read the stories while eating Christmas cookies and sipping milk. Some nights they can’t wait to take their book to their room to look it over alone. In their rooms. In silence. I think I love this gifting tradition a little more than they do. I pick up gently used books all year from garage sales and the local libraries for a total of 46 books. The girls get a book a night from Dec. 1st-23rd. On Christmas Eve. they get to open a bigger gift of pajamas.

A Cookie for Me, A Cookie for You!

Cookies and cinnamon applesauce ornaments are great for Firefighters, Police Officers, Mail carriers and anyone who likes cookies.
Cookies are great for Firefighters, Police Officers, Mail carriers and anyone who likes cookies.

We make and frost (poorly as pictured above) several dozen cookies to deliver to our local Fire Fighters and Police Officers. Not only is it a great way to show our gratitude, but this tradition also introduces our kids to important community members. They begin to understand who the helpers are and to not be afraid of the men and women in these uniforms.

Share the Craft Love with Friends

Fun little crafty cards for neighborhood friends.
Fun little crafty cards for neighborhood friends.

My little family is really fortunate to live next door to some of the most wonderful people on earth! We like to share some fun homemade crafts with them. I traced each kids foot to make penguins and added colored paper for the belly, the beak and some googly eyes. We made them into cards and delivered personally. We made the trees  by gluing Popsicle sticks, fruit loops cereal and a pretzel to green paper. These are really easy crafts for the age 2-3 crowd.

Making Ornaments

Hand print snow man ornaments are great for the grand parents!
Hand print snow man ornaments are great for the grand parents!

This is one of my favorite ornament gifts. Here is a quick tutorial from Youtube:

If you are giving these away to the grandparents or family you can even attach this little poem:

These aren’t just five snowmen
As anyone can see.
I made them with my hand
Which is a part of me.
Now each year when you trim the tree
You’ll look back and recall
Christmas of 2014
When my hand was just this small!

Each year we buy a new ornament for our kids to put on the tree. The point is to one day hand them a set of ornaments for their own tree in their home. We also make one hand print keepsake ornament. This way we’ll have a set of ornaments ornaments for our own tree when the kids take theirs.

Don’t forget to share my blog with friends and comment below how many friends you shared with! Once I reach 500 followers I’ll pick a winner for a $25.00 Toys R Us gift card!

gift card hands

*This giveaway is now closed*

Freezer Meal Workshop and GIVEAWAY!

School starts for  my kiddos in just two weeks. I convinced myself it would be easy since we don’t really need to buy any supplies or a new wardrobe. But, getting us all back into a routine and adjusting to a new schedule will take some prep-work and time to adjust. This weekend hubby and I will take the time to get ourselves organized and ready. First on my to-do list is planning my freezer meal menu! If you have not yet heard of freezer meal cooking you need to know it is life changing! My friend Liz Lanoy is here to share with you how easy it is to use Wildtree products to make 10 freezer meals in about an hour! Stay tuned to the end for the giveaway!

Hi! I’m Liz. I am a mom to a very busy three year old and expecting my second little one in a few months. I work a full time job, and I am a rep for Wildtree Foods. If you have never heard of freezer meal cooking, let me introduce you to a Wildtree Freezer Meal workshop just in time for the back-to-school season, and to get you out of that, “what’s for dinner?” rut. Let’s face it most of us do not cook from scratch daily let alone a few times a week.  There are too many of us who get stuck in the same old dinner routine and order a pizza or open a boxed meal or frozen dinner. Not only are packaged foods and take out pricey, but they also contain loads of fat, salt, preservatives, chemicals, food dyes, and quite possibly MSG.

How often do you hear your family say this?
How often do you hear your family say this?

I don’t know about you, but I fall into the category of women who don’t enjoy cooking. I am however very conscious of the foods we eat and found myself spending too much time in the store aisles scouring labels for chemicals and preservatives. I was also a victim of standing in front of my pantry at 5pm trying to figure out what I could throw together and call it dinner.

I first tried Wildtree products at a freezer meal workshop where I learned to prep 10 meals for the week. Before that night I had never been to anything related to Wildtree. I was HOOKED when my husband began helping me prep my meals. (This is something that does not occur more than a few times a year). With their products I found it easy to throw together quick meals on the fly, or plan ahead with freezer meals by following their easy recipes and instructions.

Attending a Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop is super simple! Here’s what you need to know:

1. Get shopping list from your Wildtree Rep for your groceries and prep instructions.

All your recipes and grocery shopping list is provided by your Wildtree Rep.
All your recipes and grocery shopping list is provided by your Wildtree Rep.

2. Purchase your workshop bundle of seasonings/marinades/oils from directly from your Wildtree rep.

Liz and her husband- one of the reasons why she uses Wiltree products in her home.
Liz and her husband- one of the reasons why she uses Wiltree products in her home.

3. Pick up the remaining grocery items.

You bring all your produce and protein to your workshop.
You bring all your produce and protein to your workshop.

4. Spend one hour of your week prepping 10 all-natural meals.

10 weeknight meals done in just 1 hour!
10 weeknight meals done in just 1 hour!

You just stocked your freezer with ten meals that are ready to pull out on a busy night and take the stress out of cooking! That will get you through the first two weeks the kids are back-to-school! You also get to take  home the left over Wildtree products to use for 20-30 more meals.  Each freezer meal serves 4-6 and the cost per serving is less than $3 a person. You can easily customize recipes to accommodate food sensitivities. The best part of a freezer meal workshop is inviting your friends to your meals together while sipping wine!

wild tree

Just to share a bit more about Wildtree products, Wildtree is a USDA certified organic food company with a 100% all-natural product line. No chemicals, preservatives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup or food dyes.  By the end of 2014 Wildtree will also be a certified GLUTEN FREE company! All of their products are peanut-free and many are already gluten free.  Wildtree products were created to help busy cooks simplify their time in the kitchen and serve healthy family meals. You can make quick, easy, delicious meals that are healthy and affordable!

NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY! One lucky winner will receive a  “One Pot Meals” Menu Planner Bundle! This includes 10 recipes and 8 full sized products to make each recipe!! (Chicken Bouillon Soup Base, Garlic Galore Seasoning Blend, Hearty Spaghetti Sauce Blend, Leslie’s Chili Mix, Mexican Skillet Meal Seasoning, Pot Pie Skillet Meal, Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil, Tuscany Bread Dipper Herb Blend).

Simply click the link and follow the directions

*This giveaway is now CLOSED*

Why Mom’s Night Out is Important – GIVEAWAY!!

The other day I cracked under the pressure of potty training the twins alone while my husband was away for FIVE days. I took to social media to share my plight. I described my fantasy of checking into a hotel for three days to shower for 8 hours alone, eat some chocolate cake and watch hours upon hours of mindless TV. Judging by some of the comments not everyone shared my enthusiasm for moms taking alone time.

For the record, I don’t want to spend time away from my kids. I just want to unplug from the demands of my day job.  Being home with kids 24/7 is hard work. I would love a break now and then. That’s why I look forward to Mom’s Night Out (MNO)! Whether it’s going out for drinks or dinner or my new favorite, Vine Van Gogh paint night, moms *NEED* a time out!

Vine Gogh Paint Night
Vine Gogh Paint Night

Here is why I love a night out once in a while:

Spending all my time tuned into the demands of 3-year-olds obscures my link to other humans. I could go days without chatting to another adult. Sometimes I long to be connected to the rest of the world. I don’t mean the dramas of Facebook, but an honest connection with friends. When I spend time with other people it feels like I have more people in my circle than just princesses and Strawberry Shortcake. (FYI: totally a snooty bunch).

Not a snooty one in the bunch!
My circle of peeps.

When I leave hubby in charge for a night it makes him more aware of the amount of work it takes to get our kids from the breakfast table to bedtime. It’s a bonus if he has to handle the bedtime shenanigans all by himself. Plus, it’s great daddy-daughter bonding time, right?

Sharing war stories with other moms gives me perspective. My kids do stupid things all the time. In the moment of cleaning it all up I’m not laughing… until I hear about how it happened to some other mom. Stuff is just way funnier when its not happening to you!  It reminds me that I am not living in a bubble and that all of the stress of parenting is temporary. Yes. Even 18 years is temporary. One day soon I’ll be sending them off on the school bus to spend 6 hours of their day with other people. Then like a week later they’ll start college!

When I talk to other adults and use big words like “legalization” and “perfunctory,” it reminds me I am smart and stuff. It makes me feel like those few remaining brain cells clustered way in the back haven’t failed me!

When I spend too much time with poop it makes me ‘hatey.’ Five days alone with twins who are potty training is insanity … no it’s twinsanity! No one should ever have to clean up that much poop. Ever.

Back when I was a ‘working girl’ I’d count down the week till Friday at 5 o’clock! Then I could check out of my work week and head out for nom-noms and beer. Now my 5 o’clock countdown is for bedtime with no promise of nom-noms or beer. Except on Mom’s Night!

I like to paint... and I like to drink wine.
I like to paint… and I like to drink wine.

Thank you Vine Van Gogh for another great night out!

If you haven’t been to a Vine Van Gogh paint night yet you’re in luck! Enter for your chance to win a 2 pack of tickets to the Brews and Brushes event at Keegan Ales on Aug. 20th! Click here to enter

No skills required! Just you, some friends and some fun!


Actual Facebook fantasy status update: After this week alone (that’s 5 days in a row) while hubby was away for work (eating steak for dinner, talking to humans and sleeping in a cushy hotel) I realize something:
All I want for my birthday is to check into a hotel for 2 maybe 3 days, take a 8 hour hot shower alone, order some fresh hot food and sit down while I eat it….maybe even lie in bed and eat it… yeah, totally lie in bed and eat it. Might binge on a little (or a lot of) chocolate cake. Watch actual live TV and sleep. I’m not even going to get dressed, just wear a robe. Then I’m going to wake up and take a nap before my lunch of chocolate cake and champagne. I might text a few mom friends while I’m at it and tell them to make up an excuse to get out of the house. Say you need to run to Target for ‘lady supplies’ and drive over here to hang out for a few hours. I’ll put on clothes and we’ll just laugh and eat and watch TV. It will be great!

Where do you go for a fun Mom’s Night out?


How to Jazz up Your Summertime Hydration and A GIVEAWAY!

Help me welcome my friend and very talented Registered Dietictian, Liz Malgieri as today’s guest blogger! She shares with us how to keep ourselves hydrated through the summer heat. If you want to keep your “Whatever” cool about you  pay attention to Liz’s advice! Read through to the end for a fun giveaway courtesy of Village Apothecary!


Summertime…sigh. We wait all year for this weather and now we’re right in the thick of it. Long, warm relaxing days lead to cool, breezy nights. Except…wait, we’re moms! Our days are often more frenzied than relaxing. We run from activity to activity well into the night. Playground visits, backyard sandcastles, chasing after toddlers, keeping our kids afloat in the pool; both kids and moms are always sweating. Amid the fun chaos that is a summer with kids lies one big problem…most of us, adults and kids alike are subject to dehydration. Making sure that you and your family stay hydrated should be of utmost importance, especially in the summer.

photo 1

We lose about ten cups of water per day between breathing, perspiring and other bodily functions. This increases even more in the summertime. As a busy mom, I know I can barely make sure that I eat lunch, let alone make sure that I drink over ten cups of water per day! Dehydration can drain more than your water levels. It can drain your energy levels and lead to fatigue, increased blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, constipation and even weight gain. Yes, weight gain. Some common signs of dehydration are dark yellow or orange colored urine – light yellow to clear is a great sign that you’re hydrated. A headache and light cramps in legs can also be signs of dehydration.

photo 2

Here are some tips to help you and your family stay happily hydrated this summer:

1. Drink water!

  • Our bodies will use the fluids in many common drinks and foods to aid in hydration, but nothing is better than water!
  • Only water and herbal teas are considered hydrating fluids. Milk and juices, not as much.

2. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

  • Caffeine and alcohol have a diuretic effect on the body. This means that not only will you excrete the fluids that you drank, but water will also be drawn from cells to be excreted! For every 8oz. of a caffeinated or serving of alcohol that you drink, consume 12oz. of water to make up for it.

3. Avoid sports drinks.

  • Unless you are a hardcore marathon runner or athlete, these are not necessary for electrolyte replenishment. They are basically sugary salt water. Hello calories!
  • If you are worried that you or your child is dehydrated with electrolyte loss, drink water with a banana with peanut butter OR if on the go, try coconut water. Even more portable is coconut water powder that you can add to a water bottle to replenish electrolytes without the added food dyes, flavors and sugar.

photo 3

If you find plain water boring here are a few ways to make drinking water more fun:

Fill a water bottle or pitcher with cold water and ice and add your favorite fruit for flavoring! The water will slowly infuse with the flavors of the fruit and when the water is gone, you get a sweet, healthy treat! Some ideas include: Cucumber and ginger slices, strawberry slices and mint leaves, pineapple and mango chunks, or your favorite citrus slices. The combinations are limitless!


Herbal tea is another easy way to flavor plain water. I love taking a favorite herbal tea bag and infusing  in a water bottle. You don’t need boiling water to make tea. It may take longer to infuse, but it can be delicious and refreshing. My favorite tea for this is a hibiscus tea. The color turns a deep pink and it is fruity and delicious without added sugar or caffeine.

photo 5

Make fruity ice cubes! This is a fun way for your kids to get involved! Fill ice cube trays with a chunk or slice of your favorite fruit or herbs and then top with water and freeze. Add to your glass of water for flavor and it looks pretty too!

photo 6

OR Puree your favorite fruits or veggies and fill ice cube trays with puree. When frozen, add to drinking water!

photo 7

This summer, and throughout the year, make sure you and your little ones always have water on hand to stay hydrated.

Bottoms up!

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Picture to show color selection. Giveaway includes one water bottle for one lucky winner.

Liz Malgieri is a Registered Dietitian and Director of Nutrition at Village Apothecary, a new breed of pharmacy offering free nutritional services and professional level vitamins and supplements. She is a true Whatever Mom and lives in Saugerties with her five year old daughter, Lily.

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Watermelon Cupcakes Are a Great Summer Birthday Surprise!

Help me welcome Pamela from Creating Barefoot! Pamela is a busy mom, Barefoot Books Rep, Blogger, Painter and an all around super mom! She is sharing with us how to make watermelon cupcakes. Curious? Read on! Oh and there’s a giveaway too! Read through to the end for details!

Pamela from Creating Barefoot
Pamela from Creating Barefoot

I am beyond thrilled to be a guest blogger for The Whatever Mom! I have followed her blog since day one; and I have loved and related to each and every post. Before kids I was a complete planner, over-achiever and detailed person. Now that I have 2 very different boys constantly running in different directions, with different wants, and likes and tastes I have certainly come to take on the “whatever” mantra myself.

My older son, completely unlike his mother, will not put a piece of chocolate to his mouth. No ice cream, no cake, no frosting, no candy bars. But put a bowl of fruit in front of him and he will devour it and ask for more. Of course not something I mind, though hard to lure him with bribes of sweet treats when I need to give him a little extra incentive.

Like any new, over- achiever mom I slaved over his first birthday cake. A beautiful sesame street chocolate cake covered in yummy butter cream and sweet fondant Elmo faces. He wouldn’t touch it, let alone try a piece. I thought great, I won’t have to worry about the sugar high later.

By his second birthday I felt bad he wouldn’t eat his own birthday cake. I knew I had to come up with something different and carved his cake out of a watermelon instead. He ate a great big juicy slice and loved every last bite of it.

Watermelon carved cake
Watermelon carved cake

The first “cake” went over so well, the following year I made this for his Mickey Mouse Train Party. (We had a joint party so the cake on the bottom was for his cake- loving little brother).

Watermelon Mickey Train
Watermelon Mickey Train

And that brings us to this year and my dilemma with sending in a healthy, child friendly snack for his birthday celebration at school. I wanted to make sure it was something he would eat and per the school guidelines it had to be healthy. Following my watermelon cake tradition I figured I could pretty easily make them into cupcakes!

Watermelon cupcakes with banana frosting and blueberry topper
Watermelon cupcakes with banana frosting and blueberry topper

Here is what you need:

  • 1 Watermelon sliced into 1 inch slices
  • 3-4 Bananas
  • A Circle shaped cookie cutter (be sure it is small enough to fit inside your cupcake liners)
  • Blueberries for topping
  • Decorative sprinkles

STEP 1: Cut watermelon into 1 inch slices.

STEP 2: Use cookie cutter to cut out each circle and place inside cupcake liners.

STEP 3:  Cut two small slices of banana per watermelon slice. Mash them up a little to look more like frosting and place on top.

STEP 4: Top with blueberry as the “cherry topper” and add a generous amount of sprinkles.

melon cakes edit

The teachers raved about the “cupcakes” and the kids ate them all up! It is a super healthy and adorable summer birthday treat!

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