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I was lucky enough to be given tickets to see Disney’s Frozen on Ice at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.  I can’t think of a better story to watch performed on ice than Frozen.  It’s an obvious choice.  If you’re one of the few parents left who doesn’t know the story it’s about two sisters, one with the power to freeze things, who experience some growing pains in their sibling relationship. But they find that true love is what can solve all their problems.  It’s a snowy, icy adventure filled with an ice castle, a snowman and most importantly an ice queen.  However, if you’re like me and your little prince or princess has watched the movie on repeat for the last 4 years you’ll still find plenty of fun in this ice skating rendition to pique your interest.

The production starts with some of Disney’s favorite characters over the years discussing the different types of love: friendships, marriage, siblings etc.  It’s hosted by the iconic Disney classic characters Mickey, Minnie & a generous mix of friends from throughout Disney’s past and present.  They quickly move into the story of Elsa & Ana and the characters voices are the same as the movie which makes it feel more real. The songs ring true just as you’ll remember them.  It’s really special to see how the ice rink can transform so beautifully to the many different scenes and landscapes.  You’re transported from the rink to inside a bedroom, to a ballroom, a snowy mountaintop, to a castle made of ice complete with real falling snow!

The details are amazing! The costumes are perfect replicas of their animated versions but throw in a little Disney magic of extra sparkle, lights and glitter to really make it all come alive.  The opening half whimsically takes you through the story song by song and ends with Elsa’s iconic solo, “Let it go.”  The show keeps a great pace to keep the young one’s entranced,  but doesn’t lose any of the important plot points or iconic songs.  At intermission we grabbed some snacks, some Frozen memorabilia, of which there is plenty and read through our program.  We couldn’t wait for the show to begin again!

The show resumes after intermission with the lovable Olaf and his “In Summer” Solo number does not disappoint.  This song was met with the loudest screaming cheers and giggles of all the songs in the show. Even finished with an on point kick line! The show keeps a swift pace throughout the second half and isn’t short on the magic that keeps you wondering how they make it all come to life so perfectly.  It truly is magical from start to finish.  The characters get close and stand on small stages to wave and greet the crowd throughout the show.  If you’re looking for a little Disney magic and some pretty impressive ice skating complete with flips, lifts and jumps, this is the show for you!

Catch the Disney on Ice Frozen at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY December 14-17th!


Kelly lives with her husband and a prince and princess who love all things Disney and Frozen. She is a stay at home mom who contributes her time and talents to her community and her friend, The Whatever Mom. Thanks Kelly! 

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