You may have realized by now that I really love the leadership products from Cool Cats Lead. We enjoy using them in our home and I am impressed by how much my kids want to use them. I was provided some new products to share with my kids in exchange for this review, and these have quickly become my favorites!

a-z leader alphabook is a must have leadership primer for school age kids! It gives an alphabetical listing of the important characteristics of a leader. This book builds a positive vocabulary for children to use, and gives kids ideas to aspire to. My kids like to flip through this book at the breakfast table, or while waiting their turn to sit with me to do homework after school.

22 Easy Ways 2 Lead – this one is hands down my favorite. Anything that gets kids to think critically is a sure win! And this set does that and more. Kids can read the descriptions for things like, “initiate” and “passion” and “inspiration” on the front of a card, and then flip it over to fill out their own list of inspirations and passions. This is a great tool in helping kids connect with those characteristics very early in life.

Top 10 Tips on Leadership poster – I have this hanging on our fridge! My kids like to review this with me while we are in the kitchen waiting for dinner to finish, or while I’m making their breakfast. We make it fun by identifying ways we’ve used some of these characteristics in our day.

In a world where toys and material things abound, why not give your kids the gift of self-confidence this year? All of these make great stocking stuffers! You could even include one of these products in a classroom supply basket as part of a teacher gift. Be sure to order by December 10th to ensure delivery by Christmas. To sign up receive their seasonal news release click here.


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24 Comments on Friday Favorites – Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Cool Cats Lead

  1. These do sound awesome and I love your idea about sending some in to the teachers for the classroom. I think I might do just that.

  2. Great ideas. I like giving a mix of gifts that are not only fun but also useful, like books, tech learning, etc. I also love the idea of giving this to teachers. We all know how they can use more supplies.

  3. These are really great lessons. I never learned about being a leader as a child. But this is an important skill. How great that there are things that are kid-friendly to help teach these skills

  4. Self confidence is a way better gift than toys and things they’ll get sick with. It’s much more important to have!

  5. I was just speaking to my oldest about leadership and what it means to be a leader. These are great stocking stuffer ideas – I might need to get one for him!

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