Happy Friday Everyone! This post is brought to you by I See Me personalized children’s books! Many of you know by now how much my kids love to read, but guess how much they love to read a book starring themselves? I couldn’t wait to review this awesome find! All of the opinions and enthusiasm for this fun book are completely my own. #ad

Personalized books are an amazing gift idea for any time of year, but with the holidays coming up quickly you are going to want to take a look at this company. I See Me offers a wide variety of personalized gifts, but we are in love with our new Cricket’s U.S.A Road Trip book. (Cricket is the personalized name we chose for this review).

This particular book is an educational tour across all 50 United States of America with my child in the driver’s seat. She gets a personalized driver’s license at the beginning of the story and travels from state to state in a magical car learning fun facts before she lands in her home state with a big welcome home. As she travels the country she can use the scratch off map to mark which states we’ve already visited. This is a great way for her to learn the names of states, help identify key monuments and understand the geography of our country.

This book measures 9”x11” and is approximately 32 pages long. It is great for girls and boys ages 3-8. You can find other personalized gift ideas here.

The quality of this book is wonderful. It looks exactly like the books you purchase from a big retail store. You know the ones that are churned out hundreds at a time by big publishers. Our personalized book is a one and only copy!

You can personalize this book by uploading a photo to create the little character in the book. Since we do not post our kid pics on the Internet, I opted to provide details about my kid’s hair color and complexion for illustrators to create a kid that looks very much like mine. The first page of the book is a personalized dedication which includes a message from me. The personalization menu options used on the company’s website are very user friendly and includes prompts you can chose from to get you started.

My kid was super excited to get this box in the mail. But when she opened it up to see her name and likeness on the cover she was beyond thrilled. She couldn’t even wait for me before she tore right into opening the package!

We had such a blast interacting with this book. My daughter loved scratching off the states we have already been to, and she loved the big celebration at the end when she reached her home state. This was such a hit I can’t wait to get a personalized book for each of my kids for Christmas!

Which storybook would you have personalized for your kiddo?


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27 Comments on Friday Favorites – I See Me Personalized Children’s Books

  1. Wow these are really neat, I bet my kids would love to get some of these. Maybe i’ll have to put in the word with Santa 😛

  2. I’ve seen these and have thought they were interesting. How fun are they? This is a great highlight and such a fun way to personalize a gift.

  3. This is such a fabulous idea. I can’t imagine a kid not being super excited over a book where they are the one going on the adventure. I would totally get this if I knew someone with a little one having a birthday.

  4. I love giving kids books as gifts! It’s one of the best things to give to a child. What’s even better is if it’s personalized for them. I think this is awesome!

  5. These are really cool! I love how you can personalize them. I will have to get my younger brother one of these for the holidays.

  6. Honestly I’ve never tried buying personalized books for my kids yet! This looks great, I want to buy some for my daughters!

  7. This sounds like such an amazing book and I’m not surprised your daughter loved it so much 🙂 it’s so lovely to have personalised books that make children feel special.

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