Almost as a right of passage into parenthood, our house has become overrun with plastic toys, plastic dishes and plastic cups. Even our kid care products come wrapped in plastic packaging. It’s just too much! So, we’ve decided to downsize the amount of plastic we have in our house, and we are starting with our kids dishware. I feel like this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of the 1,000 plastic cups that spill out of the cupboard whenever my kids go in search of just the right one.

Glass is definitely the cleanest and healthiest option for drinking and eating. Not only is it sustainable and reusable, but glass is safe from leaching chemicals into our food and beverages. Making the switch to mason jars for drinking is eco-friendly and economical. Here’s why:

  • Mason Jars are composed of all-natural, sustainable raw materials and are 100% recyclable. They can be reused endlessly!
  • Because they are made of glass, mason jars won’t leach harmful chemicals like BPA/BPS and phthalates into contents.
  • Mason jars are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe  and have endless uses in the kitchen, your home and beyond.
  • Mason jars cost approximately $1.00 per jar (when purchased by the case).

As much I love mason jars for just about everything, we found the two piece lids difficult for little hands to use and we can’t take them on the go. And once the jars get “sweaty” they become slippery. That is until we discovered JarJackets! Super mom and founder, Sacha Laustsen wasn’t thrilled by the plastic cup options for her daughter to drink out of, so she began using mason jars but made them safer by adding a silicone jar jacket to fit. The removable silicone sleeve provides enough shock absorption to withstand the rugged pace of a tiny human. After nearly two years of testing and and revising, Sacha introduced the JarJackets sippy to the world! The sippy lid is all one piece with proper air flow, and is designed to snugly fit the 12 oz mason “jelly” jar. Because mason jar mouths are universally sized, the sippy lids are interchangeable with any regular mouthed mason jar.

The JarJacket sippy is designed to help eliminate chemical exposure, reduce waste and declutter your cupboards! No need to store a bunch of tiny valve pieces and waste time matching the tops. Just store your clean jars with the food grade silicone tops already on. No clutter, and no toxins going into your child’s mouth. The most amazing feature is once your child transitions out of the sippy cup phase, they can continue to use the mason jar with the colorful sleeve on as a drinking glass. No plastic to toss when your child grows out of the sippy cup phase!

Even though my kids are older than the sippy cup crowd these bad boys really come in handy on the go! We enjoy taking our morning smoothie in the car with us. We simply add a straw through the top before leaving the house. The girls carry them back and forth with ease and I don’t worry about leaving the jars in the hot car while we run errands. We rinse them clean to reuse throughout the day for our water and iced tea. The lids come in handy while we are outside in the yard by keeping our drinks safe from insects. I am in love with the simplicity of the design, and how easy it is to take our mason jars with us wherever we go!

If you follow JarJackets on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube you’ll get access to some awesome recipes and mason jar lunch hacks. I am completely hooked on using our JarJackets for more than just sipping! Did you know you can bake a chicken pot pie in a mason jar? Seriously, go watch the video!

As always I am EXCITED to share my love of my favorite things with a giveaway!! Sacha has generously offered to send one lucky winner a 2 PACK of JarJackets + the lids in their choice of color! To enter just comment below and tell us what you put in your mason jars! Unlock extra chances to win by following all the options!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received complimentary JarJackets in exchange for my honest review. All opinions (and mason jar obsession) belong solely to The Whatever Mom. #Amazonaffiliate links contained above. These are safe to use and when you shop using the link I receive a very small commission. 

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51 Comments on Friday Favorites Mason JarJackets Review and Giveaway

  1. I love mason jars, for their look and versatility.
    I use them for food storage and drinks. To let my kids use them with a Jar Jacket would be a dream come true!
    I absolutely hate using plastic sip cups for my kids, this new twist on my old favorite is just what I’m looking for!

  2. This is amazing! Love these! Might have to try! Nice touch with the Norwex stainless straws 😉

  3. I like to put frozen watermelon pieces in a mason jar with cold water. It’s makes a yummy summertime drink!

  4. These are awesome! I was running out the door yesterday and put a tea bag and water in a mason jar. Shook it with the lid on and enjoyed a mess free cup of tea. 🙂

  5. Plastic is no good! These jars look really smart to use. And wait – a chicken pot pie in a mason jar? Totally going to that video now! Whaaat?

  6. I’m so over the plastic sippy cups, too. I’d like to say I’d put freshly squeezed orange juice or fruit/veggie smoothies in the mason jars. However, I’d probably put in whole milk 99% of the time because that’s what my 3yo craves the most. What a fun giveaway!

  7. This is such a cool idea!! I love mason jars as well but never thought about using them for kids. Putting this on them though would really help.

  8. I confess my house only uses plastic cups but they are reusable because I am still so paranoid about broken glass. Those jackets are great and I really would like to use those great mason jars.

    • I was always worried about broken glass, but we switched last year when my kids turned 5. We’ve been great since! Mason jars are sturdier than regular drinking glasses and the sleeves absorbs any bumps. Not to mention makes them prettier too.

  9. These are cool and so much more eco-friendly. I love using glass because it is so much easier to clean. These jackets help protect it making it safe for my kids!

  10. Those are super cute. I think they would be nice to not be so slippery. I love glass glasses but if someone was to drop one, that someone would be me.

  11. These are cute! I love Mason jars! Never knew they had this and now I want some. So cute!!

  12. Such a cute idea to make glass safer for kids. I bet we would get lots of comments out and about when using this product. Definitley a conversation starter.

  13. What a really great idea. I love Mason Jars and use them for all kinds of things but never thought for drinks for kids.

  14. I just opened my cabinet and realized all my glasses vanished. Broken over the years. I am replacing them with mason jars, not because it’s the trendy thing to do, lol, but because they seem to hold up better! These sleeves are so perfect!

  15. I am so with you on this, my boyfriend and I looked around at the amount of plastic we were using (and throwing away, wastefully) on a week by week basis and said, this has to stop. We’ve since changed to glass cookware and storageware. Although we don’t have kids, these Jar Jackets are adorable!! I’d use them for parties and I’m sure they’d be a huge hit.

    What a fun giveaway this is!

  16. Oh my how awesome is this product! I can’t believe I never heard of it before. I think it’s amazing and it’s definitely worth getting if you love using mason jars.

  17. These are so cute!! I am such a sucker for mason jars. They look so cute and fun and I love how they showcase infused waters so well. Them being healthier is the most important factor though. You definitely have me sold!!

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