Today I had to pick my daughter up from school. She has had a raspy voice and sore throat for days. No fever, nothing extra. Just plain feeling crummy. So when she finally had enough and went to the nurse because her throat was just too sore I caved and let her come home.

I don’t want to start a trend of every time I visit the nurse I get to go home, so right now she is not allowed to watch TV or play her video games. She has to stay in bed, in her jammies and rest. Awhile ago I picked up some zen kiddie coloring books with ocean scenes. My girls love them! My little lovey asked if I would sit with her in her bed and color with her. Sure. Why not? My agenda for this day is already shot.

Coloring books are fun, unless you have two perfectionists fighting for elbow room on a tiny lap tray. I remember, I have my own stash of coloring books! I pull them out now and then when the girls are working on art projects and I want something of my own to color. No really, I do! So, guess what? Ya’ll get a flash giveaway of an awesome coloring book and markers set!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

You have to be a fan of my Facebook page to get in on this action! So head on over to The Whatever Mom to like the page and share, and tag 3 friends you think could use a little zen time! WINNER ANNOUNCED TOMORROW 1/7/17 ON FACEBOOK.

After the last few weeks of life being total chaos, it was nice to slow down and enjoy some quiet time. Even if it wasn’t by myself.

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46 Comments on Friday Favorites – Zen Coloring Set Flash Giveaway

  1. That’s an awesome giveaway! I would love to have these. I’ve read that using this can make you more relaxed. I need that in my life.

  2. Aww, I hope your daughter feels better soon. This is a great giveaway, I love adult coloring books. I’m actually in the process of learning how to create coloring pages and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

  3. I just bought new markers to actually start adult coloring. I think it would be so good for me and relaxing.

  4. Perfection is the downfall of so many things. Letting go of it gives us permission to explore and make mistakes and pursue unexplored ideas.

  5. So fun what a cool giveaway. I just got an adult colouring book Haven’t used it yet but think its such a great idea especially for those who are super stressed out!

  6. I love adult coloring books like this! It’s so relaxing and calming for me to unwind with! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I love my adult colouring book. I should really use it more often when I get free time. Gutted I missed the giveaway but I have one myself and would love someone else to try anyway:)

  8. I just got my mom a ton of coloring stuff for Christmas! She loved it and it got me interested! I took some time to do it as well and it was really calming!

  9. Sorry I missed the giveaway, I have always loved coloring since I was a kid. When you have the time, it is a nice way to focus the mind and calm down

  10. I love the adult coloring books with these beautiful designs. They just look relaxing. I need to get back to coloring, it was a way to relieve stress for me.

  11. I love adult coloring books, they’re so therapeutic. I think it’s nice that you’re hosting a giveaway! I’m sure a lot of people will be happy about this!

  12. This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids. I am not so good at getting down on the floor and playing, but coloring I can do, and love to do!

  13. I have been seeing adult coloring books everywhere! I haven’t purchased and wondered why I would then I read how it is relaxing and enjoyable to calm the mind. Thanks for the tips here to finally convince me to give it a try.

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