It’s day 4 of the New Year and I am reading all the blog posts about resolutions, “New Year, New Me” mantras and how to make goals. I already know I am heading into 2017 with the same worries and anxieties I had in 2016. Writing a goal on paper to check off at the end of the year isn’t going to change that. But if I am pressed to make a resolution, I can tell you that I resolve to be the same horrible mom I was in 2016.

I am happy to be the horrible mother my kids think I am. To them I am horrible because I don’t let them eat junk food and give up on personal hygiene. I’m terrible because I say no to things like using their sister to climb on to get up to the hidden chocolate. I am also really, really horrible because I make my kids do things for themselves, even if it’s really, really hard. Like the day my daughter threw a bowl of food she didn’t like and it splattered across the entire kitchen. I handed her a towel and made her clean up every last drop. She cried and I yelled. It was just terrible of me.

My kids need me to be the naysayer and put the kibosh on their terrible ideas like when they decide to go on a shower strike, or pull their mattress off the bed to launch their sister like a bowling ball into the wall, or throw toys into the ceiling fan. They have tiny idiot minds right now and it is my job to stop them from doing ridiculous things. They also need me to force feed them leafy greens and oranges so they don’t get scurvy. Because that’s what terrible moms do! And I am the worst!

But seriously, I did a lot of reflecting on everything I’ve learned in the last year including what makes me the worst mom on the planet. The most important thing I’ve learned is sometimes being a terrible mom makes me a great mom. As much as my kids hate the word NO! they need me to keep them safe. They need me to push them to try new things, or push them passed a fear to try something new. As horrible as I am, I am always the safe place my kids want to land when they need to. Whenever they are scared, or sad, or need a hand to hold they look toward their terrible mother who tells them no. No one will ever love them like I do.

So, welcome to 2017 where you’ll find the same old mom doing the same old terrible things! Wait, is it too late to throw in resolutions to find better hiding places for my chocolate and stronger wine? #newyeargoals

Spill it…what makes you a terrible, no good mommy?

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26 Comments on My New Year Resolutions for 2017

  1. Haha this is so cute! Growing up I thought my mom was terrible but now that I’m older I appreciate all the things she said no to.

  2. Ah yes, I remember those days. I was a horrible mom for making my kids clean up after themselves, for not allowing them to go where they wanted with whoever they wanted, and the list goes on. Keep on keeping on!

  3. you know, my mom always you to say to me, “are you made at me, do you ‘hate’ me right now?” and under my 12 year old breath I would say “yes.” and she always replied, “GOOD, then I am doing my job.” Now, being I mom, I get you and it seems you are the same, being a mom, not a friend. Good for you!

  4. Love your honesty. I’m starting to realize what being a mom is. Now that my son is three he says things I never thought I would hear. It’s not fair lol he will say. No one tells you how to prepare for these types of behavior lol

  5. I love this! I don’t have kids yet but I agree, if your kids don’t like you than you aren’t doing something right! Way to be true to you!

  6. Ha!!! How mean of you, making your kids learn responsibility! They’ll thank you when they’re older! (Really!) I know you know this… just giving you a little moral support xoxo!

  7. Happy New Year, hope 2017 is a good one, I am definitely a terrible *cough* parent, and won’t let them have chocolate for breakfast, or three desserts after dinner!

  8. Happy New Year! It’s amazing how much we look back on how we were raised and how much we take from that and actually do the same things with our children!

  9. You are not a bad mom at all! You just care about your kids and do what’s right for them! They are at the stage of their life when they don’t know what’s good and what’s bad so you are doing exactly what you supposed to – teaching them the right way!

  10. Hahaha love this!!!! It’s so silly to hear the things our kids get angry with us about!!! My daughter is 4 now and the things she gets mad about alamost crack me up

  11. This is a great answer to all the new year’s resolutions going on around the internet lol! Not that there’s anything wrong with setting goals but it’s good that you’ve recognized the value in what you’re already doing and the necessity of staying the course!

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