You may have noticed I missed my usual Friday Favorites post. I’ll save that post for later. Right now I want to tell you about my weekend.

I didn’t get to post anything on Friday because I was so rushed trying to make too many things happen. I wanted to surprise my kids with some special elves, I was finishing up a power point presentation and delivering collection boxes for Christmas cards for my card charity. Plus, I had the usual list of household demands to finish up. I was completely overwhelmed by baking cookies for my kids birthday (twins in two different classrooms = double the birthday treats), piecing together costumes for dress up day, meal planning, blog planning and figuring out who needed clean socks. Life.

I decided to take a day off. I needed to breathe.

My husband can’t read my mind and recognize when I’m on overload and my thoughts are spinning over and and over, obsessing about how to make it all work. I have to say out loud, “I need a day off.” I declared Sunday as my day. No cooking, cleaning, planning or prepping. I enjoyed doing things I like. I am a Christmas fool. I love, love, love everything about this season. But, having to plan things with the kids who just (by nature) complain, or melt down, or cry because our activity didn’t meet their expectations really makes my holiday feel a less joyful.

Instead of shoving everyone into winter coats and mittens and loading into the car to go caroling at a local nursing home, I went by myself. I love to sing carols and be among the sea of voices bringing cheer to life. Last year it was a debacle with kids crying because it was too loud, it was too crowded. They were fighting over the instruments and every half hour one or both of them needed to use the bathroom. This year was fabulous. I got to hold cute babies who were excited to see me. I finished entire songs and most importantly I got to feel recharged by joy. It was wonderful!

After caroling I stopped by Starbucks to grab a peppermint hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie. Oh. My. Word. Do these things just taste so much better without a kid climbing on me, or screaming in my ear?!! YES! I love sharing cookies and cocoa with my kids, but it is hard to enjoy all of it when it is a chore to get through.

My day ended with an aerial yoga class and dinner with my dear friend (and now famous) Erica. Spending time doing something fun with a friend and talking about life, not just mom life, was exactly what I needed. Taking time to relax in a hectically paced season helps me appreciate the small moments that happen in a day. The sweetness of a cookie, the warmth of cocoa and the light of friendship. Not to mention all the laughter while trying to get myself into a hanging yoga position. All joy filled things to help me slow down and cherish life one moment at a time.

So if you are stressing out about how to get everything done right now, press the pause button. Take time to recharge. Take the day off and spend it the way you want to, or ask a friend to watch the kids while you grab a coffee and walk through the most expensive stores with the most fragile, beautiful things. I promise everything will be waiting for you when you get back! The earth will still be spinning if you don’t finish your to-do list. If you are a new mom, take time. If you are a seasoned mom, take time. You are worth it!

How do you find joy for yourself during the holiday (rush) season?

The Whatever Mom is a twin mom learning to let go of perfection. She shares her real life struggles with parenting through her blog and contributes her time and talents as a writer to Hudson Valley Parent and Masshole Mommy. When she isn’t writing you can find her chugging coffee, folding laundry and not judging other parents. Don’t forget to subscribe via email so you never miss a blog post again! You can also find her work featured on Mamapedia 

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31 Comments on Moms, This Christmas Season Take a Day Off

  1. This is a great reminder. I have been making it a point in the evenings to sit down by the tree, drink some hot chocolate and enjoy bits and pieces of Hallmark movies. It’s a nice moment to relax and refresh!

  2. Taking time off is so important for moms, and anyone, really! I love when my family gives me a Sunday off to get my own things accomplished, no cleaning, just my work and me time.

    • I try not to let work be my me time b/c it’s my work time. As good as it feels to get it done, I want to be able to do something so completely different than my daily grind. Sky diving anyone? LOL KIDDING!

  3. I have learned to look at me time differently than I used to. I started focusing on what was important in my life and realizing that sometimes I thought were stressful were actually exactly things I wouldn’t want to live without. I just had not been approaching the situations the right way.

  4. What a darling cookie – I am having trouble with some anxiety lately and it’s really good to take some time off and refocus!

  5. What a fab way to spend the day by yourself. I love the sound of an aerial class. I hope you feel better now you’ve had time to breath!

  6. I am easily overwhelmed so I love to read or color. Yesterday, I actually went out shopping, which i don’t normally like to do and found some boots that feel like slippers and a new purse which I love. It was a much needed break from the usual xooking, cleaning, laundry days.

  7. I keep Christmas music going and when a song I really want to sing comes on, I close my laptop and give myself over to the song for 3 minutes. It is so rejuvenating!

  8. This time of year is supposed to be all peaceful, but I find myself pulled in fourty directions. Today is one of those days. I just need to take a day off, but sadly, it won’t be until the weekend. Well, at least I hope I can take a day off then.

  9. I take a break day every once in a while. During this season I need it the most so I don’t lose my mind!

  10. I think even when you aren’t a mom, you need to take time out and relax. I fill up my life far too much and take too much on, often feeling overwhelmed. We’ve all gotta avoid having a burn out! You suggested nice things to do such as meeting with friends and going for a coffee.

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