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Snow before Halloween?

Happy Halloween everyone!

Can you believe we have experienced our first snowfall of the season already?! Yep, four days before Halloween we had a full day of non-stop snow falling from the sky. I had to break out my snow shovel! ………….. Before Halloween!! …………. Of course where there’s snow there’s thoughts of Christmas right? My mind wandered to thoughts of Christmas SHOPPING and I realized I haven’t even started yet!

I don’t know about you, but we are very budget conscious around here. And right about this time of year I start to pinch the pennies a little harder! So we don’t buy anything, or go anywhere until I check out the deals on Groupon! I check out Groupon Goods through out the year catch their best deals for things we need like our bedding sets, new cookware, electronics and kid stuff. If I’m really ahead of the game I snag some really great deals on toys to put away for my kids birthday or Christmas gifts. For example, I scored a set of magnet tiles way cheaper than what my local retail store sells them for. My kids are going to love them!


My guess is if you aren’t using Groupon right now you have at least heard of it! Let me tell you how easy it is to use.

First of all, IT’S FREE to sign up! No membership fee required!

Second, I signed up to receive daily deals right to my inbox so I can maximize my savings on whatever we need! It’s like getting an early peek at what’s on sale. Then, I simply purchase my Groupon Goods and have them delivered to my door. This is a HUGE money and time saver for me!! So much easier than shopping with my kids hanging out of the cart!

Third, I can select my location to find deals NO MATTER WHERE I AM! We use the location search option before going on vacation to purchase dining deals, or activities in our vacation area. I’m serious when I say I don’t make a purchase, or a plan before I check Groupon!

I have promised to only share with you my tried and true favorite things! Groupon is truly one of my favorite ways to shop and save!


Have you tried saving with Groupon yet?


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44 Comments on Get Saving by Using #Groupon

  1. I have used Groupon for local restaurant and attraction deals, but never purchased actual products there. I need to start shopping it to save money for the holidays!

  2. All about Groupon! I mean – its like the best way to save money and find things to do on a budget. Why would anyone pay full price when Groupon makes it so easy to save?

  3. It’s still 80 degrees in Georgia!!!
    I love Groupon, I have to be careful not just get things at a good price!

  4. No matter where you are is always the best part of using Groupon. I keep the app on my phone so it’s super easy.

  5. Oh no! where are you? Usually Halloween is pretty cold for us but this year is was so nice and we enjoyed every minute of it!

  6. They had snow in Northern Maine this past weekend – not quite south enough for us yet, but I know it is coming! I have got to try Groupon, I have never used it before!

  7. We use groupon quite a bit. I especially like that I can purchase groupons for friends/family that don’t live by me and get the coupon emailed to them 🙂

  8. I love hearing about everyone’s awesome time using Groupon. It seems like most bloggers have tried out something from Groupon that I haven’t even thought of yet. Cool idea.

  9. I had forgotten about Groupon! Thanks so much for the post as a GREAT reminder, they do have some awesome deals!!

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