Kids can be the most unintentionally hilarious people. They might make an observation that is 100% true, but no adult would ever say out loud. Or, they mispronounce a word that alters what they’re trying to say. Or, it could just be a word they cannot completely remember how to say, and the version that comes out is off just enough to be adorable.


One of my older girls is five and doesn’t pronounce the word ‘pattern’ correctly. She pronounces it ‘patter-in.’ She is starting Kindergarten and  I should correct her, but I love that little reminder that she’s still so young and not just my grown up girl going off to school on her own.

Both of my older girls still routinely say ‘lellow’ instead of ‘yellow’ as well. I feel like it doesn’t hurt anything, and most words they’ve learned I make sure they can say correctly, but yellow and pattern I just can’t bring myself to correct. I’m sure in no time they will have grown out of mispronouncing those words and my sweet, little girls will talk to me like older girls; with no reminders of the toddlers they used to be.

My husband was singing ‘Mambo #5’ the other day and the girls wanted to learn it. My oldest was trying to sing back the words and kept saying ‘everyone in the clubhouse go ride’ instead of ‘everybody in the club say come on let’s ride’ because of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. I mean, that’s adorable, and even though we corrected her a few times, I still think it’s hilarious and awesome that she’s putting Mickey’s Clubhouse in the song.

Just like my girls my son has his hilarious moments too. He has the best mispronunciation. He’s turning 3 this summer and has an amazing vocabulary, but struggles with fire truck. In fact, for a few months he couldn’t say ‘truck’ at all without it coming out as ‘f*ck’.

fire truck 1

‘Mommy! Fire F*ck!’

Now, I know it’s a bad word, and I shouldn’t encourage him to say it, but I can’t correct it. It’s hilarious! He’s already started to grow out of it and says fire engine about half the time now.  Usually he says the ‘tr’ in truck, but for those months he mispronounced it I would simply smile when were out.

Sometimes I can get too caught up in being busy and getting things done and I forget my kids are just little. They don’t have the same patience as me, or view of time, or ability to wait when they ask for something. So when my older kids say they ‘have a loose toothes’ or ‘their teeths came out’ it helps remind me that they’re not adults yet, They are still kids and I need to enjoy them now, before they totally grow up on me. I will never get these moments back.

When my son is being crazy and literally bouncing off the walls because he’s a 2 year old boy, and then he says ‘Look! A big f*ck!’ when we drive by a semi-truck, it makes me laugh when I might not have otherwise. Eventually these will just be stories that I tell about my kids when they were little, but for right now they are my everyday life. I’m going to enjoy it and if I happen to take the back road by the fire station instead of the main road to go to the grocery store, that’s just my wanting to share a laugh with my kids.

Comment below to share some of the hilarious things your kids say. 

Jennifer at Sweet DiscordJennifer is a stay at home mom with two sets of twins. She copes with having four kids ages 5 and 3 with wine, desserts and cooking. But at the end of the day she wouldn’t trade her crazy life for anything. You can read more from Jennifer at Sweet Discord.


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21 Comments on The Hilarious Things My Kids Say

  1. oh-my-gosh…so funny! Love these stories/memories with kids – they really are the most funny and heartwarming things! 🙂 What kids say… the darndest things!
    Karen |

  2. Kids crack me up. Well at least mine do. You seriously never know what is going to come out of their mouths.

  3. My daughter is 30 so I don’t have a lot of cute things she said, although she said lellow and roarange. I love those cute ways little ones have, too.

  4. My mom used to call frogs the f word. The boys at our church thought it was so fun they used to bring frog stickers to get her to say it in the middle of church.

  5. I think I saw a viral video of a little boy your son’s age that had the same pronunciation problem of saying truck too. It is funny to hear a child say it even though they dont mean to…kids say the darnest thing.

  6. Kids are always amusing, especially with their pronunciations. You try to correct them as much as you can but they won’t give in, it’s really going to take a while. Lol.

  7. I love the cute little things that kids say! I’ve heard the truck one from other moms, so at least it’s normal, right? 😉 Our 3yo twins say calipidder, and I actually accidentally Google “Eric Carle Calipidder” last week and couldn’t figure out why there were no results! They also call bathing suits “bannit soops” and I am not correcting that. <3

    • I love calipidder!! My oldest also said artilerary instead of artillery. I really had to think about the word before I used it so I didn’t mispronounce it too haha.

  8. My 2 year old is starting to say funny things and I can’t believe he picks these things up! It’s worse lately too!

  9. My son, who is also about to go to kindergarten pronounces pattern that same way! He also mispronounces “magnet” as “magnicks”

  10. Instead of Captain America or Captain hook, my daughter says “Cock Ten Hook” or “Cock Ten America” we can’t help but laugh

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