And all the moms chant, “What do we want? COFFEE!” “When do we want it? NOW!”

I believe there are two drinks that moms use as appropriate survival tactics – Coffee and Wine. I have three main reasons why coffee is a must have in my home and here they are:

Bean box boys

Lately, I’ve been on a subscription box kick. It’s such a great way to try new things that you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to, or even know about. While doing a search of the top subscription boxes  I found Bean Box. Samples of coffee beans from roasters in Seattle straight to my door? SIGN ME UP! Seattle is synonymous with coffee so I know I’m in good hands.   

bean box coffee

My first customized Bean Box sampler arrived with four specialty roasts from four different independent coffee roasters – Kuma Coffee, Herkimer Coffee, Lighthouse, and Conduit. You can customize your box depending on your roast preference from light to dark. Each coffee you select is shipped within 48 hours of roasting so that it’s always fresh. A ampler box includes four 1. 8-ounce packages of whole bean coffee. If you are new to brewing beans like I am, this is the equivalent to approximately 16 cups of coffee. You can purchase a decent coffee bean grinder for under $20 on Amazon. I scored a Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee pot at a yard sale for just $5!  It is super convenient to throw the beans right into the coffee maker and let it do the rest with a touch of a button.

bean box table

Sharing a fresh cup of coffee is a great way to connect with others, so I asked a five of my friends to come over and sample some of this good stuff! We started with a pot of Drip Blend by Herkimer Coffee which has hints of cherry, caramelized sugar and chocolate. Not surprisingly, we went thru that pot quickly and made another. Our second round was the Guatemala Chuito by the award winning Kuma Coffee. They describe it as a bright roast with notes of brown sugar, blueberry juice and lime. Would you believe we made a third pot? Did I mention that all five of us have toddlers? We finished up with a pot of Colombia Finca Veracruz roasted by Conduit.

Each bag of coffee includes a brief description by both the roaster and Bean Box. Bean Box described it as a “bright, white grape juice, creamy cocoa and a spicy finish of nutmeg in this intense, yet friendly, roast.” My husband and I shared Lighthouse’s Roaster’s Choice  which like the others was a great bold cup of coffee.

Do you have another coffee lover in your life? They have some great options for gift giving from the Coffee of the Month to the World Coffee Tour Box. You can also purchase the 12-ounce size bags of your favorites that include espresso and decaf options.

Good-Bye plastic pods of coffee! Bean Box has made me a believer in how coffee is supposed to be!



Create Personalized Coffee Mugs by purchasing white coffee mugs from the dollar store. (The cheaper mugs are more porous to accept the paint). Use Sharpie Paint markers to create your design. Let it dry for 72 hours. Put mugs in a cold oven and turn to 425 degrees. Bake for 1 hour. Turn off oven and leave them in there to cool off.

bean box mugs

 DIY Exfoliating Face Scrub Mix 3 Tablespoons of new coffee grounds with 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar and add 1 Tablespoon of natural oil of your choice (olive, grape seed, coconut or almond oil). Store mixture in an air tight glass jar. Massage gently on to your face and rinse with warm water.


Gloria DarmaninGloria Darmanin is a three time boy mom and completely outnumbered. She works hard to spread awareness for childhood cancer, authentic inclusion for persons with disabilities and gender equality. When she isn’t hiding from the kids she is off planning her annual St. Baldrick’s event and dreaming of ways to make money for charity.

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31 Comments on Friday Favorites – Bean Box And Fun With Coffee

  1. oh-my-gosh you are SO funny! Caffeine is a necessity for pretty much most adults and this Bean Box sounds ideal! What a great concept and sounds yummm…
    Karen |

  2. I need to remember this for my coffee loving friends at Xmas! I miss drinking it sometimes now that I’m pregnant.

  3. How cute! What an easy way to personalize something that all moms thrive on! We will have to try this. They could even be cute as gifts.

  4. No day is complete without coffee and it’s good to have it with friends as well. These days, people even setup coffee stations or bars when they have friends over! I love that you can customize your coffee as well! It’s awesome!

  5. I’m not really a coffee person, but I will drink it every now and then to help jump start my day. I also use in body scrubs. It does wonders for the skin!

  6. I was a huge coffee drinker, but now I’ve turned to decaf. I do agree it’s a great way to sit down with someone and spend time chatting over a good cup of coffee!

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