Happy Earth Day!

Yes, today is the day we celebrate the earth and all the fabulous wonder it brings. Hug a tree, recycle a container or go out and plant something. Here are my Top 3 favorite earth friendly (and human friendly) products I have shared so far in my Friday Favorites series!



My absolute top favorite is Norwex. We use the Envirocloth every day and need only water to clean with! This has cut down my household dependence on paper towels, cleaning chemicals that wash into our water supply and I let my kids help out more often too! That saves my energy resources. 😉 I started using the crazy mesh dish cloth I thought would never work and now I am hooked! It cleans better than a sponge and food doesn’t get stuck inside. I no longer have to buy pesticide soaked sponges! That saves me money, our water supply and adds way less waste into our landfill. You can find my original post about Norwex products here.




I still love my RuMe reusable bag! I carry this tote inside my mom purse where ever I go. It has saved me from using countless plastic bags when shopping for only a handful of items. I can skip the plastic bag at the library too when out with the kids. And I can even use it to carry home a wet pair of pants (don’t ask). It is a great size and rolls up small so I can carry in my purse. It is washable and very sturdy! You can read my original post about my favorite RuMe products here.



Poofy Organics

Last but not least, Poofy Organics has become our bath time favorite! My girls are still using and loving the Young Wild and Free shampoo and conditioner. I am loving the organic ingredients (entire product is not organic certified) and that it is cruelty free. The products clean really well and smell wonderful! We also use the lice prevention spray in the morning before leaving for school. This also smells really good without being over powering! All products that are good to our earth from start to finish! You can read my original post about Poofy Organics here.

There ya have it! A round up of my Top 3 favorite eco-friendly products I can count on! For me being kind to our earth is necessary to leave behind a healthy world for my children and my children’s children. What earth friendly products do you love the most?

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16 Comments on Friday Favorites- Earth Day Roundup

  1. All three of these sound like great products! In light of all the information being discovered about the epidemic of animals, land and sea, dying as a result of having stomachs full of plastic- the reusable bag is a great start to the solution.

  2. I love reusing the storage boxes instead of the bags. They hold so much more and I can wash them out easier than I can a reusable bag. I wish they would go back to paper to be honest with you, at least they decompose and are much better for the environment than plastic.

  3. Most all of what I have used from Norwex I have loved, and it feels so good to have natural cleaners rather than all those chemicals in my home. I have never used a RuMe bag, but it sounds fabulous to have on hand. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I LOVE MY NORWEX! My favorite thing is my mop. I hate washing floors and my norwex mop makes it so simple. Not to mention I don’t have to use strong smelling floor wash.

  5. I could not live without my reusable bags! Not only for shopping but for everything! I always have several. My kids love them for gathering treasures.

  6. I don’t know if we have Norwex here in Belgium, but I use the same kind of cleaner cloth (microfiber) and it cleans and shine everything. It does make a wonder, and like you said save a lot for environment.

  7. I haven’t heard of the Poofy brand before, but I am always looking for organic options for bath time. I am definitely going to check them out!

  8. I’ve heard a lot about Norwex products and all great things. I will have to see what I can find around me and give them a try!

  9. Great idea to carry the bag in your bag. I tend to forget my reusable bags. Personally, as a presenter, I have started to email PDFs of my handout rather than use paper.

  10. What a great post. We should all be using products that are friendly. I’ve never heard of Poofy products but will check them out now after the positive comments 🙂

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