Have you ever had a day just so insane you wanted to run away? That was my day today! After months of my husband working 6 day weeks and traveling I was feeling pretty streched thin!

This week my kids have been especially crazy. They are constantly arguing and not listening and just not nice to each other. I knew my nerves were shot when I sent hubby this text:

Me:”I had to take away all the chairs from our kids today. I banned them from using CHAIRS!!!!”

Hubby:”I don’t know what to say except what kind of wine do you want me to bring home?”


I felt like the harder I tried to settle the kids so I could have space to do a little work and maybe wash some dishes, the harder it was to wrangle them. So , I turned on the TV, went to my own room and called my mom.

Me:” This morning I told my child to get in the car and for some reason she starts running around the car and dancing across the front yard. I have yelled so much this week I swear the neighbors set their clock, brew a nice cup of coffee and watch out the window just waiting to see what $#@+ show my kids are creating each day”

Mom: Laughter. Of course she laughed. Not because I am funny but because she remembers what it felt like (and now she’s free from the tyranny that was the “know it all” me).

As soon as my husband arrived home I ran out the door to grocery shop. I had no list. No idea what I needed to buy. But I was gonna walk every aisle in each of the stores I regularly shop! First, I’ll treat myself to a chai latte from Dunkin Donuts. Uggh…except my driver side window is stuck and won’t open!! What is this day trying to do to me?!?

Never mind. I will drive to the Quick Check gas station and get something. I settled on a decaf coffee with chemical creamer. I didn’t even care. I wanted a stinking vanilla caramel latte darn it! As I looked around for a brownie (because I like my emotions to taste sweet) a beacon of light shown forth and there it was! A gluten free chocolate chip brownie. For ME. Waiting so patiently.

I didn’t even wait to pull out of my parking spot before snarfing that little slice of perfection into my mouth!



I continued to my stores in absolutely no hurry. I read every single label on my food selections. I even offered to read the lables for other shoppers on their products. I am so not in a hurry to get back that I am actually sitting in the Aldi’s parking lot typing this post!

I knew I had to share this with all of you. Someone out there is having a day just like mine. Maybe they need to hear they are not alone, or permission to just laugh at the craptastic events of today. And, maybe I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who fantasizes about running away.

Whatever the reason you have read this far, thank you! Tomorrow is another day. I am hoping it is a better one. If not, I at least have the big wine! πŸ˜‰

The Whatever Mom is a twin mom learning to let go of perfection. She shares her real life struggles with parenting through her blog and contributes her time and talents as a writer to Hudson Valley ParentΒ andΒ Masshole Mommy. When she isn’t writing you can find her chugging coffee, folding laundry and not judging other parents. Don’t forget to subscribe via email so you never miss a blog post again!

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39 Comments on How Far Do I Have To Run To Leave The Madness Behjnd?

  1. TOO FUNNY ! So it’s not just me screaming like a lunatic in the yard for the neighbors’ entertainment. I think even the squirrels line up for the show…. And I have taken her chair away at dinner time. She had to stand for the whole meal…. Keep smiling and Happy Spring !

  2. Not alone in the taking away is chairs…at some point all 6 of mine have had to stand while eating lol…and some days I don’t dare get in my car, for fear I will not return…

  3. I spit my tea across the table at your Bring the big one of wine home. It must be something in the zodiac system, because I can totally relate to your day! Hang in there…. it has to get better…. RIGHT????

  4. hahaha I laughed pretty hard at this. I’ve had those days and there are sometimes where hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes is all it takes to jump back on the wagon.

  5. Yes, I have days like those as well. Sometimes you just need to get in the car and get out of there. Often, I like to send my husband and the kids out of the house so I can just sit in silence πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t know what it feels like to be at your rope’s end with kids, except for the times I spend with my nephew and he is tap-dancing on my last nerve. I feel for you, and enjoyed reading your post. Sorry, but I had to snort a little about how the window wasn’t working…I can tell you were definitely having ‘one of those days.’

    • I was an auntie before I was a mom and I never felt that last nerve being worked before. It was so much easier handing them back off to their mom and dad at the end of the trip. πŸ˜‰

  7. I can totally relate! Crazy how sometimes a trip to the grocery store is our version of paradise. I think that it has to do with feeling a bit of normalcy in or crazy worlds. Hang in there! So glad you had your mom to call!

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