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Most Tuesdays I drop the kids off at school and rush home to finish my work. I catch up on blog writing and photo edits.

But today I am giving up my usual agenda to take one of my girls on a date day.

Kindergarten prep requires a physical exam. It is much easier to take one kid at a time to the doc. After that we are spending the rest of the school day together.

It turns out I have a five year old super fan who knows exactly how she would spend the day with me, her favorite celebrity.

“First we’re gonna swing together, then blow bubbles together, then take a nature walk and have a picnic lunch.”

That’s a pretty specific list of things to do. Listening to my girl describe our dream date made me realize how insignificant all my chores and to-do lists are. Those things will always be there. But a day will come when my daughter doesn’t want to spend an entire day with me. She will have her own list of things to complete.

I am enjoying my cup of coffee while she still sleeps. In a moment I will wake her up to start our day. Here is hoping your day is filled with love and don’t forget to cherish the little people in your life.


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18 Comments on Giving Up My To-do List

  1. This is such an inspirational post. Oftentimes I find myself working more than I need to on things that aren’t making my life better. It’s one of the many reasons I have to stop myself and spend time with my family, go for a walk, and clear my mind.

  2. I usually like to keep to a schedule and if I get off schedule, I get very spazzed out lol Lately, I have been just taking days as they come and only doing what I can without stressing about it.

  3. I have to have a list, but I definitely don’t always go by it. It is just mostly a list of things I need to do for the day…ie getting my daughter to practice, etc.

  4. I agree with this so much. Now that my daughter is 9 I realize just how fast it’s going and want those special moments with her so much more. So to-do lists can wait.

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